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Advances in biodegradable piezoelectrics for medical implants

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  • Systematically reviewed biodegradable piezoelectric supplies from mechanisms, candidates, to fabrication.

  • Totally reviewed methods for optimizing high-performance biodegradable piezoelectric supplies and implants.

  • Summarized the novel biomedical functions of biodegradable piezoelectric implants.

  • Proposed prospects and analysis alternatives for biodegradable piezoelectric implants to progress medical observe.


Piezoelectric gadgets built-in into physiological methods can be utilized successfully for biomedical functions akin to sensing organic forces, self-powering biomedical gadgets, stimulating tissue regeneration and therapeutic, and diagnosing medical issues. The limitation of present well-established implantable piezoelectric medical gadgets is that almost all of them are non-degradable and require additional elimination surgical procedure. Biodegradable piezoelectric implants can keep away from the above dilemma by degrading contained in the physique after fulfilling their service life, and subsequently are promising to change into the next-generation of biomedical implants. Herein, we firstly systematically evaluation the current developments in biodegradable piezoelectric supplies, together with bio-polymers, artificial polymers, and degradable piezoelectric inorganic supplies and their composites. The related materials synthesis strategies and gadget fabrication strategies are summarized. Then, we overview the cutting-edge methods to understand high-performance biodegradable piezoelectric supplies and gadgets. Subsequently, we talk about the encouraging biomedical functions of biodegradable piezoelectric implants, together with biosensing, power harvesting, tissue engineering, and illness analysis and remedy. Lastly, future analysis instructions, following the clarification of challenges in mass-market functions are proposed. This text comprehensively opinions biodegradable piezoelectrics from materials optimization methods to gadget functions, with a deal with the big potential of biodegradable transient piezoelectric medical implants.

Key phrases


Biodegradable materials

Biomedical implants

Vitality harvesting


Tissue engineering

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