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Cybertruck Enthusiasts Call for a Custom Soundtrack as Tesla’s Electric Pickup Nears Debut

Tesla’s highly-anticipated Cybertruck has been making headlines once again, this time due to a unique sighting that has left Tesla enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. While the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer has been steadily shipping Cybertrucks across the country in recent weeks, one aspect of these deliveries has raised eyebrows – the choice of transport.

In an unexpected twist, most of the car haulers used to transport the groundbreaking Cybertruck have been conventional internal combustion engine-powered semis, not the much-anticipated Tesla Semis. However, there was a recent exception to this trend, as one fortunate individual managed to capture a special delivery in Fremont that showcased the Cybertruck being transported by a Tesla Semi.

The moment was documented by X (formerly Twitter) user Xi, with the handle @KewellXi, who shared his rare sighting with the world. The video footage and photographs he captured not only provided an extraordinary glimpse of the Cybertruck’s arrival but also offered an up-close look at the vehicles themselves.

Xi reported that the two Cybertrucks being transported appeared to be “production candidate” models, reminiscent of the one Elon Musk had driven just a week prior. The video included a peek into the Cybertruck’s frunk (front trunk), which seemed notably spacious and deeper than previously seen in images.

As the Cybertrucks were carefully unloaded from the Tesla Semi car hauler, Xi also captured the low-speed noise emitted by the electric trucks as one of them reversed from the hauler. Describing the sound as reminiscent of a spaceship, it added to the futuristic appeal of the Cybertruck. This prompted some social media users to humorously suggest that the Cybertruck needs its own custom soundtrack, an idea that aligns with Tesla’s penchant for innovation.

Details about the specific Tesla facility where these two Cybertrucks were delivered remain shrouded in mystery, as it was not the company’s well-known Fremont Factory. Reports suggest that the site has previously served as a delivery center and may now be repurposed as an engineering office, fitting in with Tesla’s global engineering headquarters located near Fremont in Palo Alto.

Tesla has been manufacturing Cybertrucks at its Gigafactory Texas facility since mid-July, with unofficial estimates suggesting that the EV giant has already produced over 100 units. Elon Musk previously hinted at a Cybertruck delivery event at the Austin plant “toward the end of the third quarter,” indicating that the first Cybertruck deliveries to customers are expected to commence in late September. Read Something Similar

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