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Elon Musk Warns of Potential Consequences of UAW Demands on Major Automakers

UAW Demands continues on Major Automakers.

In a whirlwind of activity on September 27th, 2023, Elon Musk’s companies made headlines across the globe. From Tesla to SpaceX, Starlink to Neuralink, here’s a comprehensive overview of the day’s key developments:

Tesla ($TSLA):

1. Giga Texas Production Resumes: Aerial photographs taken by Joe Tegtmeyer showcased the bustling activity at Giga Texas, where Model Y production had resumed. Notably, around 50 Model Y vehicles were spotted in the End of Line parking lot.

2. Tesla’s Grand Opening in Japan: The new Tesla Store at Aeon Mall Makuhari Shintoshin in Japan celebrated its grand opening, marking another milestone for Tesla’s global expansion.

3. Megapack Fire in Australia: A singular Megapack at the Genex Power site in Queensland, Australia, caught fire, sparking a debate between LNP Senator Matt Canavan and Federal Energy Minister Chris Bowen.

4. Expansion in Chicago: Tesla announced plans to build a 50,000-square-foot facility in Northbrook, Chicago, becoming its 10th facility in Illinois, with the groundbreaking scheduled for October 4th.

5. Extended Warranty for Canada: Canadians can now opt for Tesla’s extended warranty, adding an extra layer of protection to their electric vehicles.


1. Starship Stacking: SpaceX enthusiasts witnessed Starship 25 being restacked atop Booster 9, possibly to test the fit of the Hot Stage ring. Starship 29 also underwent cryo-testing at the Massey’s Test Site.

2. Upcoming Launches: SpaceX’s busy launch schedule included Falcon 9 Starlink 6-19 launching from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, and the highly anticipated Falcon Heavy NASA’s Psyche mission launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.


1. Supporting Risk Mitigation in Lithuania: Brimstone UXO, a risk mitigation company in Lithuania, relied on Starlink for real-time data transmission, aiding their work in remote areas.

2. Enhancing Police Connectivity: The Western Australian Police Force embarked on a $8.5 million Starlink project to outfit 550 vehicles and 129 regional police stations with high-speed internet, ensuring connectivity across the state.


1. Shivon Zillis Joins Shield AI: Shivon Zillis, a director at Neuralink, joined the board of Shield AI, a defense technology company specializing in AI for aircraft. Her involvement reflects Neuralink’s commitment to advancing AI technology.

2. Neuron Spike Visualization: For Tech Tuesday, Neuralink showcased a time-lapse visualization of neuron spike rates across all 1024 channels over a 6-month period, shedding light on their ongoing neurotechnology research.

The Boring Company:

In a lighter note, fans of The Boring Company were excited to learn that a new line of merchandise, including Boring shirts, was now available.

UAW Demands
SOURCE: Tech Crunch

Elon Musk’s Warning:

Elon Musk issued a warning about the demands of the United Auto Workers (UAW), stating that their demands for a 40% wage hike and a 32-hour workweek could potentially drive major automakers like GM, Ford, and Stellantis to bankruptcy. Tesla, a non-union organization, remains a highly sought-after workplace.

With such a flurry of activity in Elon Musk’s diverse portfolio of companies, September 27th, 2023, was a day filled with innovation, expansion, and significant developments. The world eagerly anticipates what these companies will achieve next on their journeys to redefine industries and shape the future.

Musk raised concerns about the union’s demands, which included a staggering 40% wage increase and a 32-hour workweek. He expressed apprehension that such demands could potentially push major automakers like GM, Ford, and Stellantis toward bankruptcy. Read More

This statement underscores the unique position of Tesla as a non-union organization, a status that has been a point of contention in the automotive industry. Tesla remains a highly sought-after workplace for many, and Musk’s warning highlights the ongoing debate surrounding labor relations and the future of work in an era of rapid technological advancement.

With this cautionary note, Elon Musk added another layer of complexity to the day’s news, emphasizing the challenges and dynamics of the automotive sector as it undergoes significant transformations in the face of electric and autonomous vehicle technologies.

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