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Interaction of the cost density wave transition with topological and superconducting properties

Unique phenomena because of the interaction of various quantum orders have been noticed and the examine of those phenomena has emerged as a brand new frontier in condensed matter analysis, particularly within the two-dimensional restrict. Right here, we report the coexistence of cost density waves (CDWs), superconductivity, and nontrivial topology in monolayer 1H-MSe2 (M = Nb, Ta) triggered by momentum-dependent electron–phonon coupling by way of electron doping. At a vital electron doping focus, new 2 × 2 CDW phases emerge with nontrivial topology, Dirac cones, and van Hove singularities. Curiously, these 2 × 2 CDW phases are additionally superconducting. Our findings not solely reveal a route in the direction of realizing nontrivial digital characters by CDW engineering, but in addition present an thrilling platform to modulate totally different quantum states on the confluence of CDWs, superconductivity, nontrivial topology, and electron–phonon coupling.

Graphical abstract: Interplay of the charge density wave transition with topological and superconducting properties

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