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Max Q: Mining moon water

Whats up and welcome again to Max Q!

On this challenge:

  • Mining water on the moon with Starpath Robotics
  • Information from Blue Origin, SpaceX and extra

Starpath Robotics has emerged from stealth with an formidable plan to design, launch and function machines to mine and refine water for rocket propellant utilizing assets on the moon and Mars.

In-situ useful resource utilization of water for the needs of constructing rocket propellant is just not a brand new concept. Rocket propellant is a mixture of liquid oxygen (LOX) and another flamable gas, like hydrogen, kerosene or methane. Given that there’s loads of water on the floor of the moon and Mars, folks have lengthy speculated that these assets may very well be put towards making propellant in house — and constructing a self-sustaining human colony off-world.

Click on the hyperlink above to learn extra about how Starpath envisions turning this science fiction right into a actuality.

Starpath Robotics render; mining and refining moon water

Picture Credit: Starpath Robotics

Extra information from throughout TC

Idea picture of a Dream Chaser craft hooked up to an inflatable habitat. Picture Credit: Sierra House

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